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Documenting Videos in Taipei, Taiwan


My number 1 regret I had traveling last year was the lack of documentation I had in Japan. It was 11 days of adventure, but up until this day, I am still unsure of what we actually did. My time line is all jumbled up in my head and I’m pretty sure I’m missing details as well. I forgot the cities we visited, the food we ate, and most importantly, the feelings I felt. When I first started this blog, I had an entry named “Write Everything Down,” which also described this same problem. It was in this blog post I reminded myself to carry a journal to summarize long trips. This year, I wanted to do more than that and begin documenting videos.


I was obsessed with getting the perfect shots. Stabilized smoothness. I didn’t shoot unless I had a stabilizer or a tripod around. Because of this, I didn’t shoot; I never shot, and it was a problem. I was so concerned with what I didn’t have instead of using what was already provided to me. There was always an excuse for me: quality, fps, stability, needing this, or needing that. It was a mental block I created for myself that didn’t even matter in the end. I was too consumed with making a quality product for others to view instead of enjoying the art of photography itself.


Two weeks ago I went on a trip to Taiwan with my three best friends. Knowing I would be in a foreign country, I wanted to make sure I didn’t make the same mistake I did in Japan. I decided to pack light and tried to approach the whole situation with a clean slate. Having one backpack filled with clothes, a go pro, a dslr, and one lens, I was ready to document videos and my experiences.

It’s been 2 weeks since I have returned. I’m now looking at my videos and I couldn’t be happier. These videos provided me with exactly what I wanted. I wanted to remember. Sure there were lots of shaky clips and some horrible audio. Things could have been better shot and planned out; however, I wouldn’t change a thing about it.

These videos were shot for me to share with my girlfriend and help me remember what kind of trip this was. It was a chaotic, extremely hot, adventurous, mess that constantly kept me on the move. It was the way my friends loved to travel and these videos allow me to recall exactly how I felt at the moment. Now I can look back at these in the future with the most satisfying smile on my face.


As someone who is pursuing a career in something they love, it’s hard to switch between work and play mode. I am sure others who are in my shoes feel the same way. It’s very easy for me to get sick of my own craft. I’m constantly thinking about how business would suffer if I released something that was not up to par. Eventually, it leads to me straying away from the enjoyment of it all and being constantly consumed by my own judgmental, perfectionist side. This trip has taught me that sometimes, in order to enjoy what you’re doing, you have to do it for yourself and nobody else. Go out and take those shitty videos, draw that ugly picture, dance off beat, and play those sour notes. Doing something is better than nothing.


Thanks for reading!

Documenting Videos in Taiwan



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