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Fish Ranch & Treasure Island

Fish Ranch, Orinda

If someone were to ask me to be their tour guide, when they’re not from the Bay Area, the first place I’d probably take them to is Half Moon Bay (separate post from this blog). It’ll definitely be an all day trip because there are several hot spots on the way there. This weekend, we only made two stops – Fish Ranch & Treasure Island.  


Although the forecast said it will rain all weekend, we didn’t let the weather stop us from going on our adventure. On CA-24 towards Oakland, we took the Fish Ranch Rd. exit. The drive going up to the top is steep, so be careful! Street parking is free and no matter where you park your car, there are viewpoints all around. From the view up top, you can see the city of Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco, and Alameda. During our visit, it was foggy, breezy, and misty – the type of weather we expected and appreciated. If you’re a sucker for city lights, come here at night!


Treasure Island, San Francisco

We got back on the road and continued our drive towards San Francisco. While we were on I-580, the sun emerged through the clouds over the bay. We took this as a sign that it was going to be a great day for sightseeing. It wasn’t raining and the sun was actually out, woah (totally different from how it was at Fish Ranch!).

Also, be sure to have cash with you before traveling because there is a toll crossing the bridge – $5.00 for weekends. We weren’t planning on stopping by at Treasure Island but since we paid toll, why not (yay for spontaneity!)? 


We took the exit towards Treasure Island, Yerba Buena Island and found ourselves with limited parking so we didn’t stay here long. Since a parking permit is required in this area, we were afraid of leaving our car out of sight too. Despite the parking, it’s beautiful here and we were able to photograph both bridges! Let me know if you have better luck finding parking meters. I would love to come back here, walk around, and maybe stay until sunset. (:


Although there were other places we could’ve visited, like either Berkeley or Oakland area, we’ll save those areas for the next time we’re on this highway!

Feel free to comment, suggest, share, or ask me any questions. I’d be happy to help with your travels. Thanks for reading!


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