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Helpful Wedding Day Reminders

Details to have ready for your photographers/videographers:

Even if you’re at the beginning of wedding planning or almost at the finish line, you’re going to want to keep this checklist handy on the day of your wedding. We’ve gone to weddings where both the rings aren’t in one place or someone had forgotten to bring their shoes. Recently, we’ve gone to a wedding where we ended up using a hotel’s microwave plate instead of an actual tray for serving tea at their Tea Ceremony. The hotel most likely had serving trays but they’re probably not as pretty as the microwave glass plate we ended up using. 🙂 We’ll always try our best to improvise but let’s try to work together to keep delays to a minimum. Let’s get started on what details to have ready for your wedding day!

The Bride’s Side

  • Jewelries (necklace, earrings, etc.)
  • Veil
  • Hair Piece
  • Nice Hanger(s) 
  • Bride’s dress
  • Perfume
  • Wedding Shoes
  • Bridesmaids’ dresses
  • Gift(s) for bridesmaids 
  • Bouquets (if available during getting ready)

The Groom’s Side

  • Watch
  • Neck Tie
  • Tie Clip
  • Handkerchief
  • Cufflinks
  • Cologne
  • Socks
  • Shoes
  • Tuxedo
  • Gift(s) for groomsmen
  • Boutonnieres (if available during getting ready)

Both Sides

  • Wedding Rings
  • Letters/Vows
  • Couple Gifts
  • Invitation/Save the Date

If Tea Ceremony is part of your day

  • Tea cup set
  • Tray for serving tea
  • Comfy pillows to use for kneeling down

Getting Ready

We usually start with the groom’s side first and then the bride’s side after. When makeup & hair is almost done, that’s when we arrive. Please keep the getting ready area clean on both sides to help us capture amazing images. When the background is distracting (water bottles around counters, clothes, food, trash, etc.), it’ll most likely be in the frame. We’ll try our best to not capture distracting items or we’ll move things around but this will take away time from photos/videos. We highly suggest reserving time to tidy up in the morning to get the most of your getting ready experience. The best areas to take photos are by large windows that have nice natural lighting coming through. If space is limited indoors, we can always do an outdoor photoshoot.  

First Looks

This is optional but it is an intimate way to see each other privately before attending to guests. Some grooms prefer to see their bride at the ceremony, but the majority of our clients prefer to have some alone time during first looks! We can always do sweetheart and bridal party photos during first looks or sweetheart and bridal party photos after the ceremony. If sweetheart and bridal party photos are done after the ceremony, just be sure to include enough time for all family & friend group photos in the timeline too.

We do recommend at least 30-45 minutes for first looks, couple portraits, and bridal party photos. And if you decide to not have first looks, we recommend at least 45-60 minutes after the ceremony for photos with family & friend groups, step-and-repeat, bridal party, and couple portraits.       


It’ll be one of the best walks you’ll celebrate in your lifetime, make it count! Don’t forget to smile, walk slowly, look your best, and feel the moment of your special day when you’re finally walking down the aisle. Some loved ones will feel the emotions and we’ll be there to capture them for you!

Family Group Photos to Step & Repeat

It’s helpful to designate someone from your bridal party or a relative from each side to help us group families together. This is usually someone who knows both sides best. It’ll decrease the chances of us missing someone! For our reference, create a shot list of groups you’d want to take pictures with first. We’ll make it a priority to capture them before going to step & repeat with other guests.

If time and space permit, we always try to take a massive group photo with everyone that attended your wedding! If you’d like this to happen, be sure to include this on your timeline because it does take time to coordinate everyone in a group photo.

Cocktail Hour

We hope that both of you will have time to grab yourselves a few drinks during Cocktail Hour! Let us know how you would like to spend this time on photos/videos. Usually, we’re doing the following during this time: 

  • Family group photos to Step & Repeat
  • Detail pictures of the reception
  • Setting up our lights in the reception area

Before Grand Entrance, we will most likely split up during this time to maximize photo/video coverage in the areas mentioned above.

Christina & Mitchell - Ainsley House @tlopweddings @theloveofpie wedding photography


This is your time to shine and enjoy the night away! Leave it to us to capture these candid moments 🙂

  • Grand Entrance
  • First Dance
  • Speeches
  • Mother/Father dances
  • Table Rounds
  • Cake Cutting
  • Champagne Toast
  • Garter Toss
  • Bouquet Toss
  • Sparklers, bubbles, etc. for the couple send-off

Aside from the timeline, we’ll work closely with the wedding coordinator when these events happen during reception. Please let us know who the wedding coordinator is for the day so that we know who to contact for any questions we may have.

A blog post on “Reasons to Consider a Wedding Coordinator” is coming soon.

Christina & Mitchell - Ainsley House @tlopweddings @theloveofpie wedding photography

Last but not least…

If you’re planning on booking with us or have already booked your upcoming wedding with us, here’s what we need from you: 

  • Please provide a Wedding Timeline via email (a month in advance, if possible)
  • Complete the “Family Group Photos” section by sending us a shot list in order of importance
  • Schedule a meeting to talk about wedding details and questions both sides may have

We’re so excited to celebrate your wedding day! We can’t wait to capture it for you 🙂 

Thank you for reading TLOP fam! 


Selle & Chris




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