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Write Everything Down

Right now Russelle is taking a nap next to me. It’s been a quieter weekend than most. She’s sick, so we decided to stay in bed all day. Being the restless person I am, I decided to make a video of the great time we had in Colorado and Oregon during the end of 2016. It also had me thinking about one thing I regret the most: Not writing things down.


In the start of the new year, we both decided to start carrying a notebook with us whenever we travel, which is a great tip I’d recommend to everybody. We thought we would have learned our lesson after our big trip to Japan and not remembering any of the places we visited after the two weeks of being there. Two weeks sounds like a very short period of time; however, with all the events that are jam packed in one day, It’s easy to forget most things. The timeline of that whole trip still confuses me.

Even after visiting so many places: Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Colorado, Yosemite, Washington D.C., New York, Canada, Niagara Falls, and a plethora of National Parks, we still had nothing written down. Our second trip back to Oregon was the last straw. All our favorite restaurants and foods were never written down and therefore, lost until the next time we visit. For now, that amazing Pork Belly Pizza we shared will remain in a mysterious location.

Notebooks to write everything down


Don’t be like us. Write things down. Remember things. Remember small restaurants and their great menus. Don’t forget that nice guy that gave you directions when you were lost. Remember that amazing drink you decided to splurge on; the weather, the time, the season, and every aspect about what made your vacation amazing… or terrible. Just remember. Photographs and movies are great, but that means nothing if you can’t remember the little details that came along with it. The notes you take during a trip, brings life and story to the images and videos you captured. You have a whole lifetime of traveling ahead, surely you can’t remember it all. Write everything down!

– Christopher

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