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Russelle’s Bio

Hello there, feel free to call me “Selle” for short! I’m so happy you’d like to get to know me more and learn how I started my photography journey. It’s going to be a long one, I hope you brought snacks with you 🙂

My first 7 years of life, I grew up in the Philippines while my dad was in the states. He would try to visit once or twice a year, but to help him see my growth, my mom took pictures and videos. Even though he was miles away and only snippets of our lives were shared, my dad felt connected with us. I look back at this now and realize how precious it was to have moments captured. It’s for our loved ones and those that care about us, letting them know how we’re doing. It’s for them to keep a memory of our lives that they may or may not have been a part of.

When I think about photography, it’s a moment in time that we can keep still. I imagine capturing the scene of the place, raw emotions, and who we’re with. I picked up my first camera in middle school. It was a small one, where I easily brought it with me to field trips or when I hung out with friends. I remember it being fun to ALWAYS capture moments of my life. Whether it’s my first time in San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Disneyland, graduation, birthdays, school dances, etc. I never wanted to miss a moment!

Fast forward to high school and college, photography continued to be a fun hobby I enjoyed. I wouldn’t go anywhere exciting without my camera. I took pictures for fun, graduated school, and landed an above-average paying job at a hospital. I did what everyone strives for, and my parents were proud of me. When I was working a 9-5 job, I began to wonder if there was more to life than working and building the “American Dream”. I wanted to explore the road less traveled and invest in what I can do creatively.

When Christopher and I met, he asked for my help to second shoot weddings with him. He complimented me and said I had a natural eye for photography. He believed that I had the potential to develop my skills to a professional level. When I tagged along to one of his weddings, it was my first real photography job. I quickly fell in love with it! I enjoyed every moment of being able to experience and capture the raw emotions that day. The rush and excitement I felt after the day was over were second to none. It was then I knew, there was more to life than living comfortably and playing it safe. I wanted to have the privilege of being a part of and documenting someone’s everlasting memories.

Aside from photography, I love planting, baking, board games, playing sports, and calligraphy. I also enjoy the outdoors, especially going on road trips, having picnics at the beach until sunset, chasing waterfalls, hiking, camping, and exploring new places in general. From time to time, you’ll catch me trying to be witty with puns and see how silly I can be! Snacks are always in my backpack and my favorite dessert is ice cream 🙂

Photography has given me the freedom to be creative, express my thoughts, and be myself. It’s open up many new opportunities for me that I never knew was possible and I was able to meet awesome people along the way. I’m going to continue working towards what I love, as a visual storyteller, and hopefully be a part of your milestones one day <3




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Instagram: @ssellegonzales

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