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Selle’s Bio

When I think about photography, it’s a special moment in time that we can keep still.

I picked up my first camera in middle school. It was a small one that I brought with me everywhere. I remember it being fun to always document milestones in life together. I made albums, collages, and gifted some to friends/family for going away presents. Many firsts were definitely made & I love that photos can bring people together. Whether we’re trying to re-create a photo we took 5 or 10 years ago, reminiscing back at old times, & seeing how much we’ve grown, I’m here for all of it.

Photography continued to be my escape during stressful times. It was one of the ways I was able to express my creativity and I wouldn’t go anywhere exciting without my camera. It might sound cliché, but I really do see things differently through the lens. It’s helped me get to know people’s facial expressions, emotions, see how much a place has changed throughout time, and be more mindful of my environment.

When Christopher and I first met, I was so amazed at how creative he is. We talked for hours about different types of photography and it truly did bring us closer. When I tagged along to one of his weddings, I was so impressed at how well he gave directions and it inspired me to be more confident in my work. I saw the endless opportunities in photography and understood how important it is to have quality content for any events/businesses. To this day, I’m very grateful for taking the leap to believe in my work as a professional photographer and it has brought me to places I never imagined myself visiting. In a span of 5 years, I have definitely come a long way.

Aside from photography, my favorite past times are traveling, planting, baking, board games, playing sports, and calligraphy. I would consider myself an introverted extrovert, a home body at heart, who equally enjoys the outdoors, especially going on road trips, having picnics at the beach until sunset, chasing waterfalls, hiking, camping, fishing, and exploring new places in general. From time to time, you’ll catch me trying to be witty with puns and see how silly I can really be! Snacks are always in my backpack and my all time favorite dessert is ice cream 🙂

Thank you for trusting me with your photos. This opportunity has given me the freedom to be creative, be in the moment, express my thoughts, and be myself.



If you’d like to follow me, my social media handles are below:

Instagram: @ssellegonzales

Facebook: @ssellegonzales



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