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Showcasing Work Creates Referrals

Referrals are a photographer’s best friend. Scratch that. Referrals are a business’ best friend. It’s free marketing earned in exchange for providing quality work. However, it is imperative that you devote time, energy, and resources into constantly marketing yourself. You can be the most gifted person at your craft, but if you lack marketing abilities, your hobby will remain just that–a hobby, not a business. I’m not the strongest person at marketing; I definitely have my flaws. But looking back at the past couple of months, I can’t help but notice a big change. Compared to the beginning of this journey, I am starting to receive steady work. I am definitely very appreciative of all the support I have been receiving lately, but it also got me thinking, “What am I doing differently?” Showcasing has definitely brought in more work.

Thanh & Haylyn's Photoshoot by theloveofpie

After my last engagement shoot in Berkeley, the couple offered to refer me to anyone they knew that needed a photographer. I felt proud because it seemed like they were genuinely impressed with my work. I found out they were referred to me by their friend who was coworkers with my friend. The fact that I was referred by someone I didn’t know personally was exciting news.

Thanh & Haylyn's Photoshoot by theloveofpie


I finally found out what was truly lacking when I first started–active marketing. I did a bunch of work for a many people; however, I was overly critical of myself. As a result, I was hesitant to share the end product with others posting work here and there with months of inactivity in between.  This lead to missing out on potential connections and exposure opportunities.

I have gotten better at this, but I wouldn’t say I’m where I want to be. Even now I struggle with posting frequently. By increasing my posts, it has definitely helped with gaining more clients.

Thanh & Haylyn's Photoshoot by theloveofpie

So here is my attempt. Here is my attempt at showcasing my work more often and reaching out to those who are in need of a photographer. I’m still learning and growing, but past failures are not a waste of time–just a learning experience.

Thanh & Haylyn's Photoshoot by theloveofpie

Check out more of Thanh and Haylyn’s Engagement shoot HERE.

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