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Trying to be Better at Time Management

Knowing that you’re human also comes with knowing that you have flaws. Funny thing is, the older I get, the more I realize how many more flaws I have. One of mine: Time management. Constantly commuting back and forth between SoCal and NorCal has not made that easier. After traveling around 600 miles, I felt I needed a little break to relax. This is what I like to call my “settling down period”. Often times, it ends up lasting way too long and I lose sight of my original to-do list. Ex. this website, blogging, edits, marketing, social media, making calls, booking appointments, creating contracts, making invoices, and collecting payments.

Redwood Grove, St. Mary's College Engagement Pictures

After returning to SoCal to shoot a wedding and celebrating Father’s day at home, I was determined to come back to NorCal with a focused work ethic. Luckily, I had jobs lined up, shooting at restaurants and a couple of portrait sessions that following week. I had no time for relaxation and honestly, I think that’s the way it should be. It keeps you alert, focused, and constantly working towards your goals.

I had one day off that week and I made the most of it.

Angela and Roman Engagement Photos by theloveofpie

Scenery is important but lighting is the most important thing to look at as a photographer. I still believe this; however, I relied too much on this idea instead of using my down time to my advantage. I always arrive on location an hour early to check out lighting, weather, and ideal spots to shoot but this time, I gave myself more time.

Angela and Roman Engagement Photos by theloveofpie


This time, I came on location 2 days prior with only my cellphone in hand. It was liberating. Not only was it super quiet and relaxing, I was in the woods and shaded from the heat wave that the East Bay was suffering from. I was able to explore, plan creative shots, and be alone with nature. When I was leaving, I asked the security guards whether permits were needed. I was super prepared for my next shoot, and as a result, had a very stress free shoot two days later. This location was beautiful and no, there are no special permits needed to shoot. Since it’s summer time, there were hardly any people around too!

Redwood Grove, St. Mary's College Engagement Pictures

It’s very very very easy to take breaks and do nothing. I learned that it’s more rewarding to spend my down time wisely, actively building my future.

I’m very happy with this shoot and I can’t wait to continue creating.

Angela and Roman Engagement Photos by theloveofpie

If you would like to see more images from their engagement session, please click HERE. In the link attached, we’ve also included their wedding highlight reel video! 🙂

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